Saturday, April 09, 2016
All that I am

I'm your puppet on strings
watch me sway
to and fro
being pushed by the wind

I am your jester
listen to me quip
as I recite a pasquinade
of nonsensical things

I am your ottoman
lay on me those tired feet
I promise to be squiggly soft
and not move a beat

I am your sponge
pour on to me all your worries
I shall soak them all up
until there's nothing left to make you sad

I am your coffer
tell me your secrets
and I shall guard them with all my might
I promise you things will be alright

I am your friend
the truest you can ever find
I shall be here for you
until the end of time

I am the one who cares
the one who loves you from afar
the one who thinks the world of you
yes, the one who melts with your smile

I am your shadow
contented in the dark
I shall never leave your side
for as long as the moon sets the tide


Posted at 05:29 pm by Maroux


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