Entry: Hodgepodge Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My wanderings brought me here... to this almost forgotten place that used to be the repository of my jumbled thoughts. It has been ages since I last wrote anything and it feels passing strange to see my hodgepodge thoughts come to life on screen. Comprehnesive or not, it is what it is...

The past months, years, I should say, have been a mixture of both positive and negative.

There were a lot of lessons learned, odd things experienced, new acquaintances, scary realizations, happy fleeting moments, lingering sad ones... and there are those pockets of in betweens, when time seem to stand still and euphoria sets in. Mixed emotions of elation, love, joy and pure happiness envelopes my very own niche in the universe.

Then the bubble bursts and reality steps in, ending the interim cycle of that blissfulness...

That's basically how things went down.

There are always uphill battles to be fought, effortless truimph over trivial combats and the never ending quest for the elusive answers to all the nagging what ifs...

It may not always be all honey and roses, but I must say I can't complain much... I feel blessed in some many ways than one and I am grateful...

Anyway, time to get on with my day... until my wandering thoughts bring me back here again.



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